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Computer monitor gives headache

Some monitor computer could potentially cause headaches and even reported brain tumors. When we used the computer for too long (over 2 hours or so) we will get a splitting headache. Are you having headaches when spending hours in your computer?

Headaches can be caused by many different reasons. I think it is in the radiation of the monitor computer. The old box-shaped cathode-ray tube (CRT) computer monitors generally have quite high levels of radiation. Computer radiation can make you feel sick. You can prevent a leading cause of eye strain and headaches among computer users by Glare screen filters may help. Another way, You can measured in hertz (Hz), the refresh rate is an important specification of a CRT monitor. If you’re on a low refresh rate you will notice your screen flickering, which can cause headaches and eye strain. To solve this problem with CRTs may be easy, just set the refresh rate to 85 or above.

LCDs emit a very small amount of radiation compared to CRTs. But LCD can give negative effects. In most LCDs the backlight is a Cold Compact Flouresent Light (CCFL). The problem is that these CCFLs can cause headaches.

To help moderate the negative effects of constantly staring at a bright computer screen, you can use F.lux. Flux is software that makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. You can download this software from Steropsis (http://www.stereopsis.com/flux/).

Computer monitor also gives you eyestrain and irritation. To prevent eye problems, avoid flickering lights or glare on the screen, and look away from the monitor frequently. You should always take breaks when using a computer, and not stare at it for hours and hours straight. You must know the limit of your eyes to see computer screen.

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