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How to remove Malware “fake anti virus”

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My friend’s computer was infected by one of Malware “fake anti virus”, Internet Security 2010. It is infects computer when you accidentally click a link after you open an email attachment, click on a pop-up advertisement or visit website which will download the malware. This “fake anti virus” installed on computer without any confirmation of the user.

I am helping out my friend’s computer which was infected with “Internet Security 2010″ malware. Once installed in the system, Internet Security 2010 produces fake alert warnings. This malware will display false information and detect fake infections in order to trick you into thinking your computer is infected and make you believe you must buy the full version of the software.  This virus will hijack your web browser and block antivirus and anti-spyware programs. It also blocks all programs, not only anti-virus or anti-spyware software. We cant open any program. For you know, My friend computer run with OS Windows XP.

Internet Security 2010 is just one of many fake antivirus applications such Internet Security 2010, PC Security 2011, Personal Security, MS Removal Tool etc. Fake Antivirus is a type of  malwares which disguises itself to be an antivirus.  If you computer infected with fake anti virus, you must remove this infection.

I try to start the task manager, with Ctrl+Alt+Del but it does not open. Internet Security 2010 has disabled task manager, regedit and cmd. Then I restart the computer. I reboot  the computer into safe mode with networking. You can invoke Safe Mode by pressing F5 or by pressing F8 and selecting it from the boot menu. I go to Start menu and click ‘Run’  then type in ‘msconfig’. Switch to Startup tab and Uncheck ‘IS2010.exe’. Then search for the IS2010.exe and delete file IS2010.exe.

For more to prevent Malware, you can updated MalwareBytes then ran the scan. You can download update and scan with the free version of malwarebytes anti-malware with goto this link.

You also can use free software “Remove Fake Antivirus 1.84″. Remove Fake Antivirus is used to remove the most popular fake antiviruses. You can download here.  Remove Fake Antivirus 1.84 is used to remove AV Security 2012, Data Recovery, Wolfram Antivirus, Security Protection, Windows Antivirus 2011 and other fake antivirus from your computer.

I reboot PC again, and run a full scan using normal Antivirus application. This worked for me.

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