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Low Cost Android tablet

August 18th, 2010 admin 4 comments

Apple’s iPad has inspired some companies to product iPad-like design. Apple’s main competitors are going to follow this new trend and launch their own tablets. Now, You can find iPad-like Tablet Running the Android OS. Some of these Android tablet computers have key features that are absent on the iPad such as built-in camera, MicroSD slot, and Ethernet port among others.

if you’re looking for a low cost Android tablet computer, you may be interested this product:

Onepad Zyrex MS 1110
zyrexOnePadZyrex has unveiled their mini Low Cost Android mini-tablet called Onepad Zyrex MS 1110.
Zyrex One Pad MS-1110 specifications:
- Prosesor Samsung ARM Cortex-A8 S5PC100.
- Memory 512 MB DDR2
- 16 GB iNand
- Display 10 inci 16:9 multi touch.
- WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
- 1x Mini-USB ( USB OTG ), 1x HDMI
- Speaker
- Lithium Polymer battery
- Android 2.2 OS
- Weight 620 gr
-  Wifi | G-Sensor

Cost about IDR3,499,000

SkyBee SkyPad
skypadAnother Low Cost Android mini-tablet is SkyBee SkyPad
SkyPad Specifications :

- CPU Rockchip RK2808 Chipset (ARM926 EJC @600 MHz+DSP)
- Operating System Android 1.6
- Display 800×480 / 7″ LCD
- Input Resistive single point touch screen
- Sensors Rockchip Acclerometer
- Camera 1.3 Mega pixels (extraplated)
- Battery 3000 mAH
- RAM 128 MB
- Internal Memory ROM 128 MB, Nan Flash 2 Gb

Cost about IDR2,500,000